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ACER 91.47928.021 Battery, ACER 45.42001.001 Battery, ACER 45.47301.001 Laptop Battery -- Replacement

ACER AcerNote 763's Description
  • Volt 6 V
  • Capacity 8000 mAh
  • Weight 630 g
  • Color grey
  • Length 140.00x108.50x21.00 mm
  • Type Ni-MH
  • priceUS $44.85
  • sale priceUS $40.77
ACER 91.47928.021 Battery, ACER 45.42001.001 Battery, ACER 45.47301.001 Laptop Battery -- Replacement

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Item Model ACER AcerNote 763
ACER AcerNote 763's Part Numbers List
  • 21004
  • 45.42001.001
  • 45.42001.021
  • 45.47301.001
  • 45.47801.001
  • 45.47801.011
  • 60.45514.001
  • 60.47804.001
  • 91.45328.001
  • 91.45328.002
  • 91.47928.021
  • BTY-10NMHG
  • BTY-10NMHT
ACER AcerNote 763's Fit Models List
  • AcerNote 734
  • AcerNote 763
  • AcerNote 765
  • AcerNote 768C
  • AcerNote 780CX
  • AcerNote 782
  • AcerNote 784
  • AcerNote 786
  • AcerNote 787
  • AcerNote 788
Acer AcerNote 730 Series
  • AcerNote 730
  • AcerNote 730C
  • AcerNote 730CX
Acer AcerNote 735 Series
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  • AcerNote 735C
Acer AcerNote 760 Series
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  • AcerNote 760CX
  • AcerNote 760I
  • AcerNote 760IC
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Acer AcerNote 789 Series
  • AcerNote 789
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Fast and simple charge even after prolonged storage. High number of charge/discharge cycles if properly maintained, the AcerNote 763 provides over 1000 charge/discharge cycles. Good load performance the NiCd allows recharging at low temperatures. Long shelf life in any state-of-charge. Simple storage and transportation most airfreight companies accept the NiCd without special conditions. Good low temperature performance. Forgiving if abused the NiCd is one of the most rugged rechargeable batteries. Economically priced the NiCd is the lowest cost battery in terms of cost per cycle. Available in a wide range of sizes and performance options most NiCd cells are cylindrical.
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